2020: a freelance copywriter’s year in review

2020: a freelance copywriter’s year in review

What a tough and unsettling year it’s been for us all. I do hope you, your families and businesses have managed to weather the storm of 2020. Few seem to have escaped unscathed in one way or another, and the first lockdown in particular was a hugely worrying time when it felt as though every marketing budget and copywriting project was cancelled. However, with the vaccine rollout starting, let’s hope we can look forward to a more prosperous 2021 (let’s not even go near the subject of Brexit!).

I’ve not been posting monthly updates on what I’ve been writing, as each month has felt quieter than normal and in all honesty I haven’t had the mental capacity. But adding it all up, I see that I have actually worked on a lot this year, including:

  • Product descriptions for a major outdoor clothing brand
  • Product headlines for high-end domestic appliances
  • Website copy and social media posts for a household name brand in the beverages industry
  • Interview-based article for Oxford University
  • Articles, blog posts, social media posts and website copy for a sustainable furniture start-up
  • Articles for The UK Domain
  • Huge number of web pages for an online flower delivery company
  • Brand and product descriptions for an online wholesaler
  • CV editing and proofreading for various jobseekers
  • Website copy and blog posts for a software company
  • Journalistic piece for Flyer Magazine
  • Articles for LG
  • Articles for a brand in the health and wellness sector
  • Product descriptions for a health supplements brand
  • Advice guides for an agriculture organisation
  • Press release for a marketing tech start-up
  • Case studies for a charity
  • Website copy for a photographer
  • Website copy and blog posts for a mental health podcast
  • Proofreading a brochure aimed at academics

Tomorrow I finish work for 2020 and will be taking a couple of weeks off to rest and recharge. I’ll be back in the office on 4 January, so if there’s anything you’d like me to schedule in for the New Year, please feel free to drop me a line.

In the meantime, I hope you all have as lovely a Christmas as is possible in the current circumstances, and here’s to a MUCH better 2021!

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