Blue Array

Blue Array

Project Description

My SEO agency background came in handy for my work with Blue Array, a London and Reading-based company who’ve trademarked the term ‘consulgency’ to describe their unique mix of agency and consultancy. Having had my copywriting services recommended by an old SEO colleague of mine, they approached me wanting me to rewrite around 15 pages of content for their new website.

As is often the case with growing companies, they were still using the copy they’d written themselves right at the beginning of their journey. With the company going from strength to strength, they felt it was time to have the copy professionally rewritten, and commissioned me to start from scratch on the copy throughout the site. Their aims were to reduce the jargon, work in their other trademarked term (“your unfair advantage”), and make the copy better reflect their values and credentials.

It was a pleasure to work with Blue Array, and since the site rewrite I’ve also been able to help with some other work, including editing and proofreading the pitch deck they use to win new business.

Live Preview
  • Services:

    • proofreading and editing
    • website copy
  • Client:

    Simon Schnieders, Founder of Blue Array

  • Client Testimonial:

    Blue Array utilised Rachel for our entire website redesign copy. She took the time to understand our business and delivered a depth of industry understanding, tone and pace that was precisely on target. Highly recommended. Great job Rachel.