Insider Journeys

Insider Journeys

Project Description

I’ve been writing regular blog posts and other content for Insider Journeys – formerly Travel Indochina – since May 2014. This travel company focuses on countries in Southeast Asia, and since I started working with them I’ve written a great deal of content on all the countries they travel to, including Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. I’ve also been involved in the recent rebrand, rewriting website copy to reflect the new branding, and writing content on behalf of Insider Journeys for publication on other blogs.

  • Services:

    • blog posts
    • travel guides
    • website copy
  • Client:

    Insider Journeys

  • Client Testimonial:

    Rachel's ability to independently research and punctually deliver such concise yet evocative travel copy has yet to be surpassed. Grammatical fastidiousness, a clear understanding of our readership, a solid knowledge of SEO and a well-timed wit are some of the reasons I rate Rachel's services so highly.

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