Press Releases

Tell the world about your good news!

Press release copy

Because they’re sent out to news wires, press releases take a specific form that can take some getting used to if you’ve never written one before. The ‘inverted pyramid’ structure means communicating the most important things first, before drilling down into the detail. A big part of the skill of writing a press release lies in being able to structure the ‘who, what, where, when and why’ of your news in a way that makes it easy for journalists to write their stories quickly and effectively.

Press release copywriting services

Many of my clients ask me to write press releases because they don’t have time, or because they’re not familiar with the conventions expected in a standard press release. As an experienced copywriter, I know how to structure press releases for maximum impact, complete with an eye-catching headline that will get your business noticed. I can even help you write a quote to include from a key person in your organisation. Once I’ve written your press release, you’re then free to distribute it as you wish.

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