Professional Proofreader Services

I’ve copy-edited several books and I’ve been the go-to person for proofreading in every company I’ve worked in. If your content could do with a fresh pair of eyes, I’m your woman.

Bad grammar and typos give a poor impression of your company, and research shows that they could even be costing you business. One study, by Global Lingo, found that 59% of those questioned wouldn’t use a company that had obvious errors in its website and marketing copy. The study found that they’d be put off because such errors suggest a lack of care and professionalism, and they wouldn’t trust such a company to provide a good service.

If that doesn’t wake you up to the importance of proofreading, I don’t know what will! I’m often called on to proofread copy for clients, and my involvement ranges from casting an eye over a Twitter update to copy-editing an entire book.

Hiring me as a proofreader

When I proofread copy, I fix all those niggling grammar errors and typos while remaining true to your tone of voice. I proofread all work in a Word document with all changes tracked, so you can decide whether or not to make a change I’ve suggested. If I believe that a passage could do with rewriting – perhaps because it doesn’t explain something very well – I will leave a comment explaining how I think it could be improved.

Proofreading is charged on an hourly rate, and before I provide you with a quote, I will look at your document to assess how many changes I anticipate having to make and therefore how long it will take me.

Use my proofreading services! Ask me for a quote!