March 2017 copywriting update

March 2017 copywriting update

It’s the end of another busy month, and one that for me has been dominated by a kind of copywriting I particularly enjoy: ecommerce product descriptions. I’ve written absolutely loads of them this month, primarily for two big household names in the clothing/footwear world. They’re two totally different kinds of clothing/footwear brands; both fashionable, but one more practical and the other more trendy, so it’s been an enjoyable challenge adapting my writing style to suit their very different target audiences and tones of voice. Of course, working with big names in the fashion world, you suddenly notice (not without a touch of pride) that people everywhere seem to be wearing all your clients’ products.

Around all those product descriptions, I’ve fitted in some other more varied work. Writing a case study for a customer experience consultancy, for example, and another one for a pet-related charity. I’ve written lots more blog posts for the internet company I’ve mentioned before, mainly with a digital marketing focus; it’s good to be able to put my digital marketing agency background to good use. I’ve also been writing homepage copy for several opulent hotels in China, which is always fun because it combines my enthusiasm for travel copywriting and copywriting for the luxury sector.

On a non-work note, I also celebrated my birthday this month with my first helicopter lesson. I’ve been well and truly bitten by the bug – I see another hobby on the horizon! I’m definitely the sort of person who thrives on a challenge, and I think learning to fly a helicopter fits the bill perfectly, don’t you? :)

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