Welcome to my new site!

Welcome to my new site!

After months of working on this site, it’s so lovely to be able to unveil it to the world – finally!

Rachel Ingram, Copywriter

I’ve been freelance copywriting full-time for two years now, and, having recently married and changed my name, I decided it was high time I rebranded to reflect the fact that I’m now an established copywriting business. I’ve been working on this site in my spare time for several months (easier said than done with mountains of client work and wedding planning!), so this is a proud moment for me!

My old website is now archived, but will remain up so that anyone searching for my old name will still find me. I’ll be updating this blog with my thoughts on all things copywriting, as well as giving you regular updates about all the interesting projects I’ve been working on lately. I’ll also be adding new content to the site from time to time, in the form of client case studies, testimonials and so on. Do keep checking back and drop me a line if there’s anything I can help you with!

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