February 2017 copywriting update

February 2017 copywriting update

Looking back over February, I’d forgotten how much I’d packed in. The first half of the month was largely taken up with writing lots of pages for the World Food Programme in preparation for the relaunch of their website. I got to write about the organisation’s work in loads of different countries, so I learned a lot in the process.

The other big project this month was dozens of product descriptions for another well-known fashion name – this time it was a famous sporty shoe/apparel brand that people cooler than me like to wear.

Among the bigger projects, I fitted in my usual monthly copywriting work for my regulars – a Valentine’s Day blog post for a local luxury transport company, my usual couple of posts a week for the big internet company, and case studies for the pet-related charity, among others.

In other news, I did a little interview for the Professional Copywriters’ Network, which you can read here – it’s all about my career and how I got into copywriting. Hope you enjoy it!

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