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2020: a freelance copywriter’s year in review

What a tough and unsettling year it’s been for us all. I do hope you, your families and businesses have managed to weather the storm of 2020. Few seem to have escaped unscathed in one way or another, and the first lockdown in particular was a hugely worrying time when it felt as though every marketing budget and copywriting project…

2019 so far – an overdue copywriting update!

I’ve just noticed that it’s May already, and several months have somehow passed since I last penned a copywriting update. I will blame this oversight on the sheer volume of work I’ve been staying on top of! Highlights from my working year so far include:

Another season of writing hundreds of product descriptions for a big-name outdoor clothing brand
Product descriptions and…

December 2018 and January 2019 copywriting update

December was a short month with the Christmas holidays, and it was mostly taken up with writing product descriptions for one big brand, so I thought I’d combine last month’s update with this month’s. It’s been an incredibly busy start to 2019 for me; I hope the year has got off to a great start for you too. Here’s what…

October 2018 copywriting update

The clocks have changed, the mornings are crisp and frosty, and I can scarcely believe how quickly October has flown by. I’ve spent the month working on an interesting variety of projects as usual, including:

Lots more product descriptions for a big-name outdoor clothing brand
Monthly blog posts for the UK Domain
Monthly blog posts for a travel company based in Italy
Monthly blog…

August 2018 copywriting update

August is generally thought of as a quiet time of year, but not for this freelance copywriter! It’s been the busiest month of the year so far for me, and summer holidays are but an idle daydream for me. These are some of the things I’ve been working on this month…

A ten-day research project for an education provider
Product descriptions for…

July copywriting update

I moved house this month, and after much grappling with single-handedly assembling flatpack furniture I’m now based in the countryside near Oxford. I already work with quite a few local clients, but if you’re looking for a copywriter in Oxford then give me a shout! Amidst the upheaval of moving I’ve managed to keep to a hectic copywriting schedule, which…

June 2018 copywriting update

June has been yet another hectic month for this freelance copywriter. Projects I’ve worked on this month include:

Website copy for an optician
Product descriptions for a major outdoor clothing brand
Website copy for the United Nations World Food Programme
Blog posts for a high street insurance company
Articles for the UK Domain
Blog posts for a site devoted to remote working
Blog posts for a wedding…