January 2018 copywriting update

January 2018 copywriting update

Happy New Year, one and all! I know it’s a bit late to be saying that now, but January was a half-month for me and the start of 2018 doesn’t seem that long ago. I decided I needed a decent amount of time away from my desk to rest and recharge, so I pottered around at home, read a lot, and had a week in the Caribbean. It’s been great to return to work feeling rejuvenated and raring to go.

The second half of the month was somewhat busier, with work including:

  • Email copy for premium customers of a major credit card company
  • Product descriptions for a big-name outdoor clothing brand
  • Lots of articles for the UK Domain
  • Proofreading a dissertation on the history of cricket
  • A case study for a financial services provider
  • A case study for a company that specialises in geospatial analytics
  • Three blog posts for a business insurance company
  • Two blog posts for a wedding venue
  • Two blog posts on events for a local luxury transport company
  • Proofreading for a women’s college

I had a nice testimonial from the author of the history of cricket dissertation:

Rachel proofread a long-form piece of original research I had written up. I needed another pair of eyes to make sure that it was all it could be, and Rachel completely delivered! Despite it being a specialist topic, the comments and advice she was able to provide were exactly what I needed and really helped give my work a final polish!

I’ve also written up a case study on some website copy I did for an SEO agency called Blue Array a little while ago, which you can read in my copywriting portfolio.

I am currently taking on new copywriting clients and projects, so do get in touch if there’s anything I can help you with.

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