January copywriting update

January copywriting update

Happy New Year, one and all! It scarcely seems possible that the year 2000 was 17 years ago. My New Year got off to a hectic start with a ten-day project writing over 140 product descriptions for a major designer fashion label. I’ve worked with this brand before, so it was great to get back into writing for them again.

When that was done and dusted, it was back to a more normal routine for a few short days, during which I wrote, among other things, two weeks’ worth of blog posts for a regular client (a major internet-related company), my monthly post for a local transport company, and several more web pages for the World Food Programme.

After a wonderful few days in New York for my husband’s birthday, it was back to the airport to head off for another all-day client meeting in Switzerland. It was a long day but a productive one, and it was great to see everyone again. There’s a serious lot of work to look forward to as a result of the meeting, so that’s going to keep me nicely busy for a while.

Since getting back, I’ve been concentrating primarily on World Food Programme work, along with some case studies for the pet-related charity, more blog posts for the internet company, and a case study for a client who specialises in customer service training. I’m always amazed at the variety of projects I get to work on – it’s one of the best things about being a freelance copywriter.

I hope you all have a good February – spring is thankfully just around the corner now, and from my desk overlooking our pretty country garden I can hear the birds singing merrily away in anticipation!

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